Discover the Most Magical Way to Teach Your Students Spanish

Embrace the magic and make learning Spanish fun with FabuLingua—a unique language learning app designed to enhance language education through engaging stories, assignments and games.

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FabuLingua’s upcoming Teacher Module seamlessly pairs with the current platform to enrich your Spanish lessons.

FabuLingua makes teaching kids a second language engaging, fun, and best of all, easy! Based on modern language learning science, and designed with educators in mind, FabuLingua's Teacher Module has everything you need to support your students in their language learning journey

Fun & Engaging, Comprehensible Stories
Stoke the flames of your students' imaginations with comprehensible (and magical!) stories from across Latin American & Spain—teaching kids Spanish while keeping them engaged and curious!
Interactive Assignments & Games
Once your students have completed a story, give them fun extension exercises and games designed to reinforce, consolidate and extend learning from a particular story.
Easy Peasy Onboarding
Simply create a free class account and quickly sign up all of your students by adding their emails to the account.
Personalized Homework Options
Assign stories to your whole class or tailor homework for specific students based on group and individual learning needs.
Teacher-friendly Progress Reporting
Effortlessly track class progress throughout the school year and get valuable insights on time spent per activity, task completion, and more!
In-Class Handouts Galore
With FabuLingua, there's no need to spend ages crafting lesson plans and designing handouts—we have you covered with plenty of extra materials.
“Best New Technology to Learn a Language”
by Language Learning Experts!
The Method Behind the Magic
FabuLingua guides students on a Fabulous Learning Path within each story that takes them through four increasingly challenging levels on their way to MASTERING each story.  

A Game Center for each story provides fun, fast-paced games that reinforce and extend learning from the story. Completing levels and winning games earns students digital stickers from the story for FabuLingua's Magic Sticker Book, where they can create their own stories and engage in free play.
Magical Translations®
Where Invisible Learning Begins

On each page, students see only Spanish text but hear the Spanish and its rhythmic English translation. This simultaneous translation allows students to better understand the target language and creates what is known as Comprehensible Input, which enables subconscious language acquisition.

Where Students Develop Pronunciation

Students record themselves imitating the native narrator as they work their way through the story. Once students reach the end of a page, they playback their recording to listen for differences between their pronunciation and the narrator’s.

Spanish Only
Where Students Realize They Understand

At this point, your students have been exposed to the story enough times that they can finally listen to the story in the Spanish Only level and understand it! If needed, students can still tap any word to hear the pronunciation and translation.

Read By Myself
Where Students Become Narrators

By the time your students get to this level, they will know the story well enough to read it aloud all by themselves! Students can share their recordings with their teachers!

The Magic Sticker Book
Where Students Can Free Play

As a reward, when students complete levels, they unlock stickers in their Magic Sticker Book. This area is reserved for creative, free play, where children can stick, unstick, enlarge, and arrange cute and colorful stickers to create their own stories.

The Game Center
Where Learning is Extended & Reinforced

Rather than directly testing children and causing stress or disengagement, students play fun games between each level. FabuLingua's games encourage students to solidify their comprehension and test their knowledge without the fear of a bad grade.

Parents and kids just love, love, love FabuLingua!

What you are doing with FabuLingua is really extraordinary

What you are doing with FabuLingua is really extraordinary. It’s so hard to find high quality resources, and the stories are beautiful. I am from Puerto Rico and a speech pathologist at a local school district. I also teach Spanish to young kids virtually. I recommend FabuLingua to my student’s parents and my friends. My five year old daughter also gets very excited about it.

- Ailenid -

My kindergarten students LOVE LOVE LOVE the app

My kindergarten students LOVE LOVE LOVE the app the stories and the games. They record themselves all the time. I really love it too, it is the best app I can use for my little ones. Thank you Thank you you made my job much easier.”

- Aurelia -
Kindergarten Teacher

this is the first time they are actually loving speaking Spanish!

I am a MALL/CALL researcher and learned about your app through Launchpad and got it for my kiddos. We speak Spanish at home but they are receptive bilinguals and this is the first time they are actually loving speaking Spanish! Your app is really impressive and I am rooting for you. If you ever are interested in partnering for research down the road, let me know. ¡Enhorabuena por su logro con un app estupendo! I’ve already shared it with many colleagues and friends.

- Kelly -
Language Researcher, Boise State

this app doesn’t only read to the kids but encourages mastery of a story

We homeschool in Spanish/English. I so appreciate that this app doesn’t only read to the kids but encourages mastery of a story (and the included vocab) byhaving the ultimate goal of the child recording their own voice reading the story for themselves. Well done, FabuLingua!

- Lauren -
Parent / Home School Teacher

students may seem “old” for this app, but I absolutely love the progression

I know that my students may seem “old” for this app, but I absolutely love the progression of the stories with reading, listening and speaking. Teen are just kids in a bigger body! I think my students will enjoy it!”

- Polly -
K -12 Spanish Teacher

valuable tool for parents & tutors

This app is a valuable tool that introduces children (and parents and tutors!) to the world of Spanish language and reading. The children’s stories are presented in a creative way, where each one has various learning approaches: visual, tactile, auditory (of vocabulary words and phrases), helping them learn the correct pronunciation of the sounds as well as assimilate concepts.

- Daniela -
Montessori Spanish Teacher

The Method Behind the Magic

Language acquisition is particularly effective during the ‘magical window’ of early childhood when kids are the most adept at picking up a second language.

FabuLingua’s method aligns with the Comprehensible Input Hypothesis by Dr. Stephen Krashen (Prof. Emeritus USC). Simply put, the term Comprehensible Input refers to a new-language input that can be comprehended by listeners—despite the listener not having a full understanding of each word spoken.

Dr. Krashen’s work shows that a student's exposure to Comprehensible Input is the single, most important factor in their new-language acquisition.

Meaning, input-oriented activities like reading and listening—so long as they are generally understood—are significantly more effective ways for acquiring new languages than grammar or output-oriented activities. FabuLingua creates 'Comprehensible Input' through children's stories.

Most existing language-learning apps have a traditional, grammar-based approach that focuses on rules, memorization, and testing. This teaching routine generates stress for students, raising what Dr. Krashen refers to as an ‘affective filter’ in their brain—impairing their ability to learn effectively.

Essentially, anything that negatively impacts a child's mood or disposition, such as stress or low motivation, has been shown to limit their capacity to learn a second language.

Colorful childrens' stories have always been inherently motivating for students and are well known for reducing their stress. In FabuLingua's new, interactive format, stories are now more delightful and exciting than ever!

Designed around the concept of ‘invisible learning,’ FabuLingua has a unique and engaging approach that uses beautiful stories and interactive games to teach students Spanish.

In their mind, students are enjoying a delightful story—their imaginations light up as they envision another world. In their brain, however, the child is learning Spanish. With FabuLingua, learning happens subconsciously, invisibly, as the student delights in the age-old power of storytelling.